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Twins Traitors & the Trident


How would you feel if you saw the same dream ever since you can remember? To have a queer birthmark that changes shape? Worse still being abducted by an evil sorcerer who takes you forcibly to his kingdom? While you’re even thinking about it, eleven-year old twins Elisha and Eshan are already facing these trials. 

Be ready for talking tree stumps, the moon of Ursalazen that doesn’t wax and wane, sorcerers, fierce troll warriors called payamezens, the shape-shifters, people-eating creepers, a silver lion and three friendly ghosts who race through all this with Elisha and Eshan.

Join the adventure full of action, emotions, secrets and a dash of comedy!

Secret of the Silver Lion


The fantasy series ‘Twins Traitors and the Trident’ is published in February 2020 by ‘The Write Place’ a publishing initiative by the Crossword Stores. “Secret of Silver Lion” –the first part of the series— starts in the most unassuming way but takes you swirling through “Battle of Beasts” and magic at a pace that will both delight and leave you breathless.  
Twins, Traitors and the Trident part 2 coming soon...

Reader Reviews

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Dhriti Kedia, 9 yrs

It was a really nice story, with new words. I found it adventurous and full of secrets, just as I like!!

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